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Journal of Pathology Awards

The Sims-Woodhead Medal

The Sims-Woodhead Medal will be given in recognition of distinguished services to the Journal of Pathology.


  • The Sims-Woodhead Medal was founded in 2006, the centenary year of the Pathological Society, in honour of the Founder and First Editor of the Journal of Pathology and Bacteriology.
  • The object of the Sims-Woodhead Medal is to recognise those who have made an outstanding contribution to the Journal.
  • The Sims-Woodhead Medal shall only be awarded on those occasions when a deserving recipient can be identified.
  • Nominations will be made in the form of a 500 word citation to the Editor in Chief and may be made at any time.
  • A notice soliciting nominations for the Sims-Woodhead Medal shall be placed in the Journal, and in communications from the Pathological Society.
  • The award of the Sims-Woodhead Medal shall be made by the Journal of Pathology Editorial Committee.
  • Its decision will be announced and the Medal awarded at the Society Dinner associated with a Scientific Meeting of the Society

Sims-Woodhead Awards

2010 Prof CS Herrington

2008 Mr J Theobald

2007 Prof PG Toner and Prof DH Wright

The Jeremy Jass Prize for Research Excellence in Pathology


2021 -  Kana Hasegawa, Shinsuke Fujii*, Shinji Matsumoto, Yudai Tajiri, Akira Kikuchi, Tamotsu Kiyoshima

* Corresponding author

YAP signaling induces PIEZO1 to promote oral squamous cell carcinoma cell proliferation. J Pathol 2021; 253: 80–93. DOI: 10.1002/path.5553.

2020 - Alicia León-Castillo A, Gilvazquez E, Nout R, Smit VTHBM, McAlpine JN, McConechy M, Kommoss S, Brucker SY, Carlson JW, Epstein E, Rau TT, Soslow RA, Ganesan R, Matias-Guiu, X, Oliva E, Harrison BT, Church DN, Gilks CB, Bosse T*

*Corresponding author

Clinicopathological and molecular characterisation of ‘multiple-classifier’ endometrial carcinomas. J Pathol 2020; 250: 312–322. DOI: 10.1002/path.5373.

2019 - Neuzillet C*, Tijeras-Raballand A, Ragulan C, Cros J, Patil Y, Martinet M, Erkan M, Kleeff J, Wilson J, Apte M, Tosolini M, Wilson AS, Delvecchio FR, Bousquet C, Paradis V, Hammel P, Sadanandam A* and Kocher HM*.

* Co-corresponding authors

Inter- and intra-tumoural heterogeneity in cancer-associated fibroblasts of human pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. J Pathol 2019; 248: 51–56.  DOI: 10.1002/path.5224.

 2018 - Watson S, Perrin V, Guillemot D, Reynaud S, Coindre J-M, Karanian M, Guinebretière J-M, Freneaux P, Le Loarer F, Bouvet M, Galmiche-Rolland L, Larousserie F, Longchampt E, Ranchere-Vince D, Pierron G, Delattre O†* and Tirode F†*.

† Co-senior authors, * Co-corresponding authors

Transcriptomic definition of molecular subgroups of small round cell sarcomas.  J Pathol 2018; 245: 29–40. DOI: 10.1002/path.5053.

2017 - Bridgeman VL, Vermeulen PB, Foo S, Bilecz A, Daley F, Kostaras E, Nathan MR, Wan E, Frentzas S, Schweiger T, Hegedus B, Hoetzenecker K, Renyi-Vamos F, Kuczynski EA, Vasudev NS, Larkin J, Gore M, Dvorak HF, Paku S, Kerbel RS, Dome B†* and Reynolds AR†*. 

These two authors contributed equally, * Co-corresponding authors

Vessel co-option is common in human lung metastases and mediates resistance to anti-angiogenic therapy in preclinical lung metastasis models. J Pathol 2017; 241: 362–374. DOI: 10.1002/path.4845.

2016 - Karnezis AN, Wang Y, Ramos P, Hendricks WPD, Oliva E, D'Angelo E, Prat J, Nucci MR, Nielsen RO, Chow C, Leung S, Kommoss F, Kommoss S, Silva A, Ronnett BM, Rabban JT, Bowtell DD, Weissman BE, Trent JM, Gilks CB, Huntsman DG. 

Dual loss of the SWI/SNF complex ATPases SMARCA4/BRG1 and SMARCA2/BRM is highly sensitive and specific for small cell carcinoma of the ovary, hypercalcaemic type. J Pathol 2016; 238: 389–400 DOI: 10.1002/path.4633.

2015 - Balluff B, Frese CK, Maier SK, Schone C, Kuster B, Schmitt M, Aubele M, Hofler H, Deelder AM, Heck AJR, Hogendoorn PCW, Morreau J, Altelaar AFM, Walch A, McDonnell LA.

De novo discovery of phenotypic intratumour heterogeneity using imaging mass spectrometry. J Pathol 2015; 235: 3-13 DOI: 10.1002/path.4436.

2014 - Amato E, dal Molin M, Mafficini A, Yu J, Malleo G, Rusev B, Fassan M, Antonello D, Sadakari Y, Castelli P, Zamboni G, Maitra A, Salvia R, Hruban RH, Bassi C, Capelli P, Lawlor FT, Goggins M, Scarpa A.

Targeted next-generation sequencing of cancer genes dissects the molecular profiles of intraductal papillary neoplasms of the pancreas. J Pathol 2014; 233: 217-227.

2013  - Martinez P, Birkbak NJ, Gerlinger M, McGranaham N, Burrell RA, Rowan AJ, Joshi T, Fisher R, Larkin J, Szallasi Z, Swanton C; 

Parallel evolution of tumour subclones mimics diversity between tumours. J Pathol 2013; 230: 356–364. DOI: 10.1002/path.4214.

2012 - Yip S, Butterfield YS, Morozova O, Chittaranjan S, Blough MD, An J, Birol I, Chesnelong C, Chiu R, Chuah E, Corbett R, Docking R, Firme M, Hirst M, Jackman S, Karsan A, Li H, Louis DN, Maslova A, Moore R, Moradian A, Mungall KL, Perizzolo M, Quin J, Roldan G, Smith EE, Tamura-Wells J, Thiessen N, Varhol R, Weiss S, Wu W, Young S, Zhao Y, Mungall AJ, Jones SJ, Morin GB, Chan JA, Cairncross JG, Marra MA. 

Concurrent CIC mutations, IDH mutations, and 1p/19q loss distinguish oligodendrogliomas from other cancers. J Pathol 2012; 226: 7–16.

2011 - Amary MF, Bacsi K, Maggiani F, Damato S, Halai D, Berisha F, Pollock R, O'Donnell P, Grigoriadis A, Diss T, Eskandarpour M, Presneau N, Hogendoorn PCW, Futreal A, Tirabosco R, Flanagan AM.

IDH1 and IDH2 mutations are frequent events incentral chondrosarcoma and central and periostealchondromas but not in other mesenchymal tumours. J Pathol 2011; 224: 334–343.

2010 - Weigelt B, Geyer FC, Natrajan R, Lopez-Garcia MA, Ahmad AS, Savage K, Kreike B, Reis-Filho JS. 

The molecular underpinning of lobular histological growth pattern: a genome-wide transcriptomic analysis of invasive lobular carcinomas and grade- and molecular subtype-matched invasive ductal carcinomas of no special type. J Pathol 2010; 220: 45–57.

2009 - Forshew T, Tatevossian RG, Lawson ARJ, Ma J, Neale G, Ogunkolade BW, Jones TA, Aarum J, Dalton J, Bailey S, Chaplin T, Carter RL, Gajjar A, Broniscer A, Young BD, Ellison DW, Sheer D.

Activation of the ERK/MAPK pathway: a signature genetic defect in posterior fossa pilocytic astrocytomas. J Pathol 2009; 218: 172–181.

2008 - Lehmann U, Hasemeier B, Christgen M, Müller M, Römermann D, Länger F, Kreipe H. 

Epigenetic inactivation of microRNA gene hsa-mir-9-1 in human breast cancer. J Pathol 2008; 214: 17–24.