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Visiting Fellowship

About the Grant

Support to enable travel to other institutions to learn new techniques of value in research. Preference will be given to applicants wishing to learn new techniques in the fields of molecular & cell biology.

A maximum sum of £5,000.

Who is eligible?

Medical and allied professions working in pathologically-related bio-medical research.

Applications are accepted from non-members and members of the Society based in Great Britain & Ireland.

Deadline Dates

1 April & 1 October

Application Documents

Please upload a completed Part B and Part C documents to your grant application.

Please read the full terms and conditions before applying.


Examples of Projects funded from the Visiting Fellowship

There have been no recent awards and therefore no reports have been published

Visit to the Meyerson and Huttenhower Laboratories to learn how to perform bioformatic and statistical analysis of complex mircobiome datasets Dr C Young, University of Leeds - The Colorectal cancer-associated faecal microbiome of developing countries resembles that of developed counties - publishes article1

Microbiome Analysis of more than 2,000 NHS Bowel Cancer Screening Programme Samples Shows the Potential to Improve Screening Accuracy published article 2 by Dr C Young, University of Leeds

Published article from a visit to Alberta University, Canada to carry out the study 'Molecular analysis of pancreas transplant biopsies using multiplexed colour-coded probe-based gene expression assessment' in 2016 by Dr C Roufosse, Hammersmith Hospital