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Officers and Committee

Officers (at July 2022)

Please review our Officers below:  Should you wish to contact any of the Officers or Committee please email



Prof Mark J Arends
University of Edinburgh

General Secretary

Prof Sarah E Coupland
University of Liverpool


Prof Graeme I Murray
University of Aberdeen

Meetings Secretary

Prof Heike Grabsch
Maastricht University Medical Center



Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Pathology and Editor, Journal of Pathology: Clinical Research

Prof Simon Herrington

Senior Scientific Editor, Journal of Pathology and Journal of Pathology, Clinical Research

Dr Richard Poulsom



Editor, Diagnostic Histopathology

Dr Adrian Bateman

Committee Members (at July 2022)

Dr Fernanda Amary


Dr David Moore


Dr Cynthia Heffron

Irish Representative (Co-opted)

Assoc Prof Susanne Burdak-Rothkamm


Dr Detlef Finkler 

Trade Representative (Co-opted)

Dr Marnix Jansen, Chair Molecular Pathology Sub-committee


Dr Tim Kendall


Prof Ali Khurram

Webmaster & Digital Adviser 

Prof John Le Quesne


Dr Kate Marks, Chair of the Trainees Subcommittee


Dr Luiza Moore


Dr Abhik Mukherjee, Chair Education Sub-committee


Dr Gemma Petts

Undergraduate Lead & Deputy Meetings Secretary (Co-opted)

Dr Nischalan Pillay


Dr Abeer Shaaban


Prof Gareth Thomas, Chair, Research Sub-committee


Prof Carolien van Duerzen

Dutch Pathological
Society representative (Co-opted)

Tom Watkins, Chair of the Undergraduate Subcomittee


Dr Nick P West


Dr Elizabeth Soilleux 


Ms Vivienne Parry OBE (Co-opted October 2020)

Lay Representative

Vivienne is a science writer and broadcaster. She has a part time role as Director of Engagement at Genomics England and serves on the board of UKRI. She also facilitates events across the globe including for the G20, the World Economic Forum and the European Commission.  In the past, she has presented Tomorrow’s World, been a columnist for the Times, Guardian and News of the World and worked with the Princess of Wales for 12 years.



Access the Trainee Subcommittee


Priorem Praeses - a Role for Previous Society Presidents

The Society has created a new role (the Priorem Praeses role) within the Pathological Society for previous Presidents of the Society. It recognises that previous Presidents have the potential to make significant ongoing contributions to the Society, making use of accumulated wisdom, experience, contacts and expertise, and that this is recognised as a formal role within the Society. Full details available here