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Useful Links

This list is in the process of being updated, please check back soon for more information and resources!


Here are some useful links to some really good websites. In some way or another whilst we’ve been developing this project, these guys will have inspired helped and advised us.  This list will most likely grow as we do, keep checking back for more updates.

The Royal College of Pathologists: Far more for current pathologists & trainees on this site but the president’s newsletter is always worth a read which comes out once a month.  The RCP has been incredibly supportive of this whole venture and we are very grateful.

St.Emlyns: One of the founders of Free Open Access Medical Education (FOAMed) and the site which inspired us to do this!

Don’t forget the Bubbles: FOAMed put for paediatrics. One of the newer players but done very well. Regular updates and easy to understand, a model we’d very much like to adopt.

Manchester Oncology Society: One of the biggest oncology societies in the UK. Student-led and willing to work with other groups, including ourselves! Their blog is well worth a look.

Virtual Pathology: An online slide library, teaching resource and pathology news feed all rolled into one. Really useful if you want to see what the disease actually looks like under the microscope.


Social Media

We like to think of ourselves as pretty social media orientated over here at PathSocUG (i.e. we’ve got a Twitter account…) so here are a few people we really think it’s worth following. Again, this list will grow as time goes on!

PathSoc Social Media Accounts

Twitter- @pathsoc

Instagram- @pathologicalsociety

Facebook- @pathologicalsociety

Youtube- PathSoc Youtube Channel


@ilovepathology: Dr Suzy Lishman. Former President of the Royal College of Pathologists and a great ambassador for pathology. Frequent tweeter!

@I-Heart-Histo: Regular Tweeter and runs a pathology/art blog. Makes histology very accessible.

@PathStudent: Provides pathology titbits for medical students.

@EMManchester: Think FOAMed think Professor Simon Carley. Emergency Medic in Manchester who created St.Emlyns. Regular tweeter about all things medicine.

@LeedsPathology: The Twitter account for the virtual pathology project at the centre of Pathology and Tumour Biology.

@PathSocUG: Us!