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Training & Education

The Trainee Section has been established to support Trainees at various stages of their career.

This section is set to grow over the next few months, providing Trainee members with access to all the latest relevant information on pathology research and education.

Pathology Training & Education Histopathology & curriculum at RCPATH National Histopathology SHO school Recent reviews in Histopathology NHS Careers advice Association of Medical research Charities Case of the Month Please Log In above to view the Case of the Month Virtual Slide Once logged in you can click on the image to see the virtual slide.

The case of the Month is also supplied with history, gross, microscopy, diagnosis, discussion and additonal images. The Educational Portal contains an archive of each Case of the Month since July 2010 and is available for trainees and all members of the Pathological Society.

If you are not already a member of the Pathological Society please view details of how to join and obtain a login.

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