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CRUK / Path Soc Predoctoral Research Bursary

Cancer Research UK (CRUK) and the Pathological Society Joint Predoctoral Research Bursary.

The Joint Predoctoral Research Bursaries provide short term funding to allow clinicians to get involved in cancer research projects early in their careers. The award provides funding support for up to £50,000 to cover salary and/or research expenses over a period of up to 12 months. Applications for Joint Predoctoral Research Bursaries will be considered from any area of CRUK’s funding remit, with the exception of clinical trials and drug development. Bursaries should allow the awardee to gain research training and a greater understanding of cancer research before undertaking a PhD or MD, and provide the awardee the time and resources to obtain preliminary data before applying for a PhD or MD.

Further information and application details

Please email with any queries relating to the application process and/or eligibility.

Deadline Date

7th March 2024

Reports of funded CRUK/Pathological Society Joint Predoctoral Research Bursaries

Improving the personalised pre-surgical treatment of patients with advanced colon cancer through the molecular analysis of EGFR pathway Dr A Westwood, University of Leeds