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In order to generate high quality research, having a good network and support structure around you is essential. Mentorship offers a supportive relationship to help you as a researcher through the good and bad times within a career. Receiving advice from an impartial, experienced academic can help you to navigate through challenging milestones and other important times in research, for example:

  • Identifying a research group, research area or project
  • Balancing academia with clinical work or family commitments
  • Applying for grants, fellowships or research positions.
  • Presenting or publishing your work
  • Navigating a dedicated period of research such as a PhD
  • Developing your CV and progressing to the next stage in your career
  • Feeling fed up or struggling with an aspect of your work

This may be an informal relationship or can be a more formal arrangement. You may have a single mentor for all discussions or develop multiple relationships where you seek advice for different aspects of your work.

PathSoc recognises the challenges of an academic career and the need for impartial advice. This is especially true in our more junior researchers and sometimes it can be difficult to find a mentor from outside of your immediate area of work. Therefore, the PathSoc Academic Mentoring Scheme was launched in the academic year 2018-2019 and made multiple successful mentor-mentee pairings. A further intake has taken place across 2020-2021. This is anticipated to be a yearly intake and you can get in touch for more information via , as well as looking out for emails from PathSoc. Our scheme is aimed at foundation doctors up to clinical lecturers (or equivalent) as mentees and from clinical lecturers up to any senior academics as mentors. We have a diverse range of mentors with varied experience and expertise involved in the scheme and welcome new mentors with valuable experience to offer.