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Programme Sub-Committee – October 2021

  • Prof Heike Grabsch, (Chair & Meetings Secretary)
  • Dr Gemma Petts (Deputy Meetings Secretary)
  • Dr Lisa Browning, (BDIAP Meetings Secretary representative)
  • Prof Ralf Huss (Industry representative)
  • Prof Ray McMahon (Manchester Pathology 2021 Co-Host)
  • Dr Emyr Benbow (Manchester Pathology 2021 Co-Host and 2020 Winter Meeting Co-Host)
  • Prof Simon Herrington (2020 Winter Meeting Co-Host)
  • Prof Mark Arends (2020 Winter Meeting Co-Host)
  • Trainees Sub-committee Representatives:  Path Soc: Dr K Marks, Dr S H Lee and Dr S de Noon. Joint Meetings BDIAP reps: Dr A Ghosh, Dr K Allen and Dr M Clark.