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Post-Doctoral Collaborative Small Grant

About the Grant

To cement a new or developing collaborative partnership between medical trainees and science-based trainees.

A maximum sum of £10,000.

Who is eligible?

The academic histopathologist applicant must be a member of the Pathological Society in good standing for at least 12 months. The post-doctoral scientist applicant must be a member of the Pathological Society, must have been awarded a PhD higher degree and currently must be employed at scientific grade 6-9.

Deadline Dates

1 April (extended to 3 April 23:59) and 1 October

Application Documents

Please upload completed Part B, Part C documents during the application process.

Please read the full terms and conditions before applying.

Examples of Projects funded from the Small Grants Scheme

Post-Doctoral Collaborative Small Grant

Characterisation of extracellular matrix composition in uveal melanoma during tumour development and in metastatic disease October 2018 Dr H Kalirai, University of Liverpool