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Pathology Grand Round Lectures 2021

Pathology Grand Round Lectures 2021

The next Grand Round Lecture will be on Wednesday 15 September, 09.00-10.00.

Path Soc Meeting/Event Etiquette

Date: Wednesday 15 September 2021, 09.00-10.00

Dr David Adams, Experimental Cancer Genetics, Wellcome Sanger Institute, Cambridge

Title: "Exploring the Cancer Genome base-by-base with Saturation Genome Editing and CRISPR screening"

Further details

Joining Details for all Participants (Path Soc Members and Non-Members):

Will also available on You Tube – details to follow

Future Lectures

Date: Wednesday 13 October 2021, 09.00-10.00

Dr Anita Grigoriadis, King's College London and Dr Lucy Yates, Wellcome Sanger Institute, Cambridge

Title: To be announced.

Date:  Wedneday 17 November 2021, 09.00-10.00

Prof Menna Clatworthy, University of Cambridge

Title: To be announced

Date: Wednesday 15 December, 2021, 12.00-13.00 (UK Time)

Prof Jorge Reis-Filho & Dr Britta Weigelt, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York

Title:  To be announced.

Past Lecture Recordings:

Title: "The Human Cell Atlas: next generation pathology"

Dr Sarah Teichmann, Head of Cellular Genetics, Wellcome Sanger Institute, Cambridge

Date: Wednesday 9 June, 09.00-10.00

Recording now available for Society Members via the Educational Portal

Title: Implementing TILs in breast cancer daily practice: how much evidence can we bear?

Dr Roberto Salgado, Antwerp, Belgium,

Date: Wednesday 12 May, 09.00-10.00

View Lecture Recording here

Title: "Why are cancer genes tissue-specific? Puzzles and insights from inherited colorectal cancer"

Prof Ian Tomlinson, University of Edinburgh

Date: Wednesday 14 April 2021, 09.00-10.00

View Lecture Recording here

Title: "Understanding organisation of the breast tumour microenvironment by high-dimensional imaging"

Dr Raza Ali, Lead, Systems Cancer Pathology Group, Breast Cancer, CRUK Cambridge Institute

Date: Wednesday 10 March, 09.00-10.00

View lecture recording here:

Title: "From digital pathology to somatic mutations"

Dr Moritz Gerstung, Research Group Leader, European Molecular Pathology Laboratory-European Bioinformatics Institute and Dr Luiza Moore, Jean Shanks/Pathological Society Intermediate Research Fellow at The Wellcome Sanger Institute and Consultant Histopathologist, Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge

Date: Wednesday 17 February, 09.00-10.00

View lecture recording here:

Inaugural Lecture: "Somatic mutations in normal cells"

Prof Sir Michael Stratton, Director of Wellcome Sanger Institute and Chief Executive Officers of the Wellcome Genome Campus

Date: Wednesday 13 January, 09.00-10.00

View lecture recording here:

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