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ACCEA Update – 21 October 2011

ACCEA Update – 21 October 2011

Members may be aware the ACCEA national award system is under review and the outcome of this is still awaited.  ACCEA themselves are currently working on the premise that there will be a 2012 round opening for consultants in England.  The closing date is currently quoted as being in the New Year and have published draft applications on their website as an interim measure. At the current time it does not appear as if there will be a round for equivalent awards in Scotland or Northern Ireland.  The situation in Wales is unclear.

As in previous years the Society is able to support applications for national awards.  The number of nominations that we can make is determined by the size of the society (ie. number of eligible Consultants) and our ranking as a nominating body feeds into deliberations at both regional and national levels.

All CVQs will be looked at by a small panel, chaired by the President and this group will rank the nominations for ACCEA using the criteria and guidance (pages 12-13) outlined on their website. In addition a citation will be provided for those who we are able to support.

Andrew H Wyllie
Pathological Society of Great Britain and Ireland

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