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Open Scheme Reports

Open Scheme Grant to fund Purchase of a Down Draft Table for Pathology Teaching along with donation plaque Dr E Banjamin, UCL 

Open Scheme Grant to fund the Mouse Pathology Conference, Cambridge 5-7 February 2014, Prof M Arends & Dr C Scudamore, University of Cambridge 

Open Scheme Grant to fund 'Careers in Academic Pathology' day at the Royal College of Pathologists, London, Dr Nick West, University of Leeds

Following up on feedback from the above trainee day Dr Kathreena Kurian (Consultant Neuropathologist) has put together a ten minute youtube lecture on an approach to histological diagnosis of brain tumours

Open Scheme Grant to fund Tissue Microarray Workshop, Programme - Prof M Ilyas

Open Scheme Grant to fund Dr Igbokwe and Dr Rotimi to speak at National Diagnostic Histopathology EQA workshop in Nigeria