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Undergraduate Elective Bursary UB0222

About the Grant

Funding to support research projects in pathology or gain experience in diagnostic departments during elective or vacation periods

£200.00 per week for a maximum of eight weeks

Who is eligible?

Undergraduate Society members who are students of medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry or biomedical science based in UK and/or Irelandnd

Deadline Dates

27 February and 28 April

The following documents will need to be uploaded during the application process:

Part B

Please read the full terms and conditions before applying

Scoring criteria

Report Prize Winners

2020 Report Prize Winner

Research Category - Developing a New Artificial Intelligence-based Diagnostic Approach to Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's Disease Andreas Economou, University of Cambridge

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and a reduction in undergraduate bursary activity no clinical report winner was awarded

2019 Report Prize Winners

Clinical Category - Madagascar Medical Expeditions Heather Lawson, University of Sheffield

Research Category -  Tick Immunity Research Internship Emma Bennion-Pedley

2018 Report Prize Winners

Clinical Category - Paediatric Pathology Elective at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, Harriet Hunter

Research Category - Using a Cell-line Luminometry Assay to Investigate the Role of Lentiviral Accessory Proteins in Antagonising Anti-viral DNA-Sensing Pathways James Cai, UCL