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JSPS Summer Studentships

About the Grant

A student bursary to support Year 1 and Year 2 medical and dental students to carry out a research project in pathology during vacation periods.

Up to £200 per week, with a maximum of £1000 per student (equivalent to a 5 week placement).

Who is eligible?

Research-active, medically qualified, Consultant Pathologists or Clinical Lecturers (or local equivalent), who are members of the Pathological Society and in a substantive or honorary post at a University or Research Institute

Deadline Dates

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Application closes 31 October 2021 and will reopen 01 January 2022

How do I apply?

Click here

Please read the terms & conditions of the JSPS Summer Studentships before applying

Projects funded from the JSPS Summer studentships

Bioinformatics Analysis of Histopathological Variables in Melanoma Patients to Determine Prognostic Significance Nekmee Gunasekera / Prof Somaia ElSheikh

3D Reconstruction of Pig Liver Following High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)  Arif Hanafi Bin Jalal/Prof Quaglia UCL

Investigating a Surrogate Marker to Distinguish Astrocytomas and Oligodendrogliomas  Alex Matthews / Prof Kathreena Kurian, Bristol